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    new format for 8 forums

    Hello. Trying a new and fresh format, here at 8 forums ? Interesting, nice ! posted here - edited example - clean looking - thanks
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    Solved farewell store (8.1)

    Doing a new clean installation of build 9600 - edit: ...
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    Solved thanks for 8.0

    Sorry tenners. Hello to everyone. It's been almost a year since posting here. Best Luck and happy times to all of the Windows 10 users. Recently been reviewing operating systems for DISCONNECTED use. I do not use the internet at home. Posted on a chromebook using free wifi while sitting at...
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    8.1 Enterprise Evaluation updated to 8.1.1

    Don't know how much longer evaluations will be available, since Windows 7 is no longer available as an evaluation from TechNet, 8.0 and 8.1.1 are still available from Microsoft TechNet Evaluations Center. 8.1 has been updated inside the ISO download to 8.1.1 The original Windows 8.1 is no...
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    goodbye Windows 10

      ... tried every build of Windows 10 typically available. Liked much of it, but the drive to go full desktop mode only is a deal breaker. Like someone said, the start screen has been neutered in Windows 10 and is apparently not available in build 10041. It is clear that many Windows 10...