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    "Invert Colors"

    Is the "Invert Colors" function still available? It used to be in the old "Paint" program which now seems to be gone. I have Microsoft Office Picture Manager, but it doesn't contain the Invert Colors function, and neither does any other part of the current Windows 8 system that I can find.
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    Video Editing

    I need to "crop" an MP4 video file, i.e. pick out one part just a few minutes long from the middle of it and remove the parts before and after. Does anyone know of any good software for that purpose -- either free or inexpensive?
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    PC is Suddenly Slowing Down

    Lately my PC has been showing "low on memory" messages, and now it's starting to run very slow. I know those things can be indications of a virus or other such problem, but I just did a full system scan (using Norton) and it didn't find anything wrong. What else might I try?
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    An apparent bug in the new "Word"

    After installing the new "Microsoft Office 365" I'm having a problem with the new version of Word. The "Page Number" and "Line Number" indicators in the "Status Bar" (lower left corner of screen) are not displaying correctly. (This is in "Print Layout" view, which is the mode that I always use.)...
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    How do you back up programs?

    I know how to back up data files, but is there any way to back up all your SOFTWARE on a USB or other device of your own?
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    A Deficiency in Some Browsers

    With support for Internet Explorer dwindling (soon you won't be able to view YouTube in IE, for example) I'm looking for another browser to use. I've installed Edge, Chrome and Firefox. But I have a problem with them. In IE, you can right-click on any web page and select "Create Shortcut" and...
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    Only the Second Largest

    Texas was the largest state in the U.S. for decades, and then became the second largest in 1959, when Alaska became a state. At that time there was a story (NOT true, of course) about a Texan who just couldn't stand the fact that he no longer lived in the largest state, so he moved to Alaska. He...
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    One of those "smartass" riddles!

    But it's an old one -- at least 50 years old. How do you punctuate the following line of words...... FUN FUN FUN HELP HELP HELP
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    Brink -- Screenshot

    This is how the thread appears in my browser when I'm logged in. But if I'm not logged in, I can't get the image to appear at all. And I'm now getting the "Attach Files" button too. But it only appears AFTER I put the image in the drop box. In that conversation thread, I couldn't even GET the...
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    A Feminist Kid 60 Years Ago

    And where else but in comic books? Frank Johnson's "Little Tomboy" of the 1950's was a little "He-Girl" -- hanging out with boys and acting like one, even fist-fighting with them -- long before such things became generally acceptable in society. Here's one little 5-page story that would be no...
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    A Halloween Rock Song

    This song is from 1982. Its style is an obvious imitation of the Velvet Underground. The Dream Syndicate: "Halloween"
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    Solved A problem with Internet Explorer

    There's a problem that comes up now and then when I try to access certain websites. Now it's happening on TurboTax, a tax preparation site that I've used for years with no problems. The web page appears for a moment, then disappears and I get a succession of messages like this: "Internet...
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    Solved Question Re Adobe Acrobat

    I can't find an answer to this in Adobe's help screens. Suppose I have a PDF file, and I want to pick out one part of it (i.e. one page, or two or more consecutive pages) and save that part alone as a separate PDF file. Can that be done, and if so, how?
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    Death in the Graveyard!

    This is one of those questions that appears impossible to answer, but actually CAN be answered. In 1952, Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected President of the United States, defeating Democrat Adlai E. Stevenson. Late that night, after the polls were closed, an American man received an...
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    Computer Trivia

    The earliest electronic computers were just made privately, as experimental or demonstration or prototype models, mostly at major universities. But the first one that was commercially available (meaning anybody could buy one, if they happened to be extremely wealthy) was made by a well-known...
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    Anybody know what TV show it was?

    Here's a TV trivia question that never fails to raise some eyebrows. Over the years, many satire programs -- from "South Park" all the way back to "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In" -- have made fun of famous people, of society in general, of the government, and of just about everything and everybody...
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    Line By Line

    It's amazing what can be done with pure arithmetic. For example, let's take the conversion of colors from HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminescence) to RGB (Red, Green, Blue). It's usually expressed in the form of algebraic equations, like this: HSL and HSV - Wikipedia But years ago, when these...
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    A New Joke Thread

    We need some jokes around here. Computers can't survive without humor! A young woman was stranded on the road at night in a rural neighborhood. She had to walk a long way to get home, so she wanted a place to sleep for the night. All she could find was one farmhouse, so she begged the farmer to...
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    Blue screen with message

    I just now got that blue screen that says something like "Your PC has a problem, needs to restart, and we're gathering information for you" and I'm not sure if that's what you mean by the BSOD. Here's my zip file attached.
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    T. V. Sitcom Trivia

    What very famous sitcom contained the following gag -- Female character: "Do you like this hairdo, dear?" Male character: "Yeah. It makes you look older."