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    Intel GMA 4500 on Core 2 Duo

    Intel GMA 4500 Driver (Win 8 - Core 2 Duo) I bought a mercury motherboard(PIG41L) featuring Intel G41 Express Chipset and on board GMA 4500. I have installed the Intel Graphic Media Accelerator Driver(Win 7 32-Bit) But The display is still kind of blurry or shaky. The default resolution is...
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    Solved Windows start screen resolution

    My screen resolution is 1280x1024 running Win 8 RP I formatted my computer and reinstalled Win 8 CP because I had too many BSODs. When I installed Win 8 CP and created a local account. I had 5(or 6) tiles per column. But once I switched to the Microsoft account to get my synced wallpaper...