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    Network problem!

    Hello! I installed OS 8 and my network doesn't work!The "Local Area Network" doesn't appear!I did a new connection(every time when I reinstall the OS I must do a new connection,a PPOE connection),no result.What I can do?
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    Solved Windows 7 or Windows 8?

    Hi.I'm a Windows 7 user.I'm here to recive informations for OS 8.I wanna change OS 7 to 8.The old programs will work on OS 8?If not,will work if I put the compability of program to OS 7 or XP?What you recommend?I heard OS 8 have some errors and the old programs doesn't work.Sorry for my bad english!
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    Solved Windows BITs!

    Hi.What it's the difference between 32x bit and 64x bit of windows 7 or windows 8?I mean,64x is better than 32x?Why?