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    Merging 2 SSD via AOMEI, not happening

    Do you have an adjacent partition on Disk 2? No. Do you have unallocated space adjacent or non adjacent to the partition on Disk 2? No.
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    Merging 2 SSD via AOMEI, not happening

    You can merge adjacent partitions (on the same disk obviously). You can merge an existing partition with adjacent or non adjacent unallocated space ( on the same disk). Disk 2 does not show in the dropdown because there are no lettered partition on it. So it cannot be used as the partition to...
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    Solved Unable to use built-in ASUS recovery partition
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    Can I use a different internal fan for my laptop?

    I just had a quick search, fans seem to be available, for example: New for Asus Vivobook A450 A450J A450E A450LC F450 F450J R409 CPU Cooling Fan | eBay
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    Solved How to combine two partitions on the same hard drive

    Great, glad it worked for you.:)
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    Upgrade offline to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1

    Home edition from Tech Bench
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    Solved Setup stops at "Getting files ready for installation"

    Not sure I understand the question. You linked to where you got 8.0. I asked why you don't get 8.1 from there.
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    Solved Setup stops at "Getting files ready for installation"

    Why didn't you get 8.1 from there?
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    Solved asus recovery partition won't boot

    If 7 was preinstalled, then the asus.swm files will be the asus 7 osimage. Shouldn't need to be activated. When is it asking for a product key?
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    How do I save drivers from a Windows 8.1 tablet?

    You can browse for the folder from device manager. Saves copying the entire filerepository.
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    How do I save drivers from a Windows 8.1 tablet?

    make a folder c:\tesco then open elevated cmd: Dism /online /Export-Driver /Destination:c:\tesco Then when it has done, zip the c:\tesco folder.
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    How do I save drivers from a Windows 8.1 tablet?

    David, you could zip the drivers and upload them. Might be useful to others.
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    How do I save drivers from a Windows 8.1 tablet?

    That''ll do it David. It is one of the functions on a thing I made.
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    DISM error code 8: Not enough storage is available...

    Any particular reason for this: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth Are you already having issues?
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    Solved How can I Repartition my SSD

    Yes, sounds right. Any of those part managers should be fine. Aomei is easy to use.
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    SIW2 EasyPE help required

    At command prompt, type: PECMD DISP W1366H768B32F60
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    AOMEI backupper free new version

    Version 3.0 Added 4 kinds of backup schemes: full backup scheme, incremental backup scheme, differential backup scheme, and automatic space management. Added command line clone and command line restore. Support 4K monitor. Optionally reserve registered license information when...
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    Raw filesystem on EFI partition, Windows 8.1 can't boot

    Whereabouts in China are you? Have you tried a bootable windows based (winpe) partition manager ?
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    Solved Tesco Connect Tablet - First Impressions

    Strange, the tesco page appears for a second, then redirects to another, which never appears. @David, Why not post the drivers up in a zip file?
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    Solved I want to make an "image" of my system..

    That is not the same as image. Imaging includes all your existing programs, settings, etc. @mrgeek, Windows system image is built in since Vista. Though it was only included in Vista Ultimate. All editions of windows 7/8.1 and 10 have it. Not as flexible as 3rd party programs and the image is...