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    Solved is it just me or what

    iam having a problem on this forum ,when I edit a post and then click save it never does ,just sits there and I have to close the window or refresh and the changes are not made ,so I do it again and it works ,weird ,it happens a lot the past week or so
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    Solved using my win8.1 on my macbook ,

    using my win8.1 on my macbook or my wife's Ipad ,downloaded a app onto the apple products called Microsoft Remote desktop .had to add computer name and ip address to the app and turn on the win8 computer and i can sit on the chesterfield or go outside and wast more of my time on the win8...
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    not win8 news ,but new that could affect what we do with o

    The future of the internet and how it could affect what we use it for Net Neutrality | Free Press
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    Whats the future of the internet as we know it

    interesting news on what's been going on behind [mine at least]our backs Net Neutrality | Free Press
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    maybe this would be more fun ,than computing

    Check it out ,great looking video ,almost looks 3d in some parts PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (DON'S VERSION) - YouTube