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    Change user name on Account?

    Exactly Brink!! BUT, I had tried "option one" prior to the update without success -- but after the update it stuck!!
  2. J

    Recommend a Win 8 tablet/laptop hybrid for business/web design?

    Guess you want to spend $1500 --- or more! But if you have a spare hour stop by Staples and take a close look a the Lenovo Twist for $799 until Dec 24. Got one Friday and it is great - fast, super bright screen, and with this page at full zoom no ragged edges to the print. I got the 500gb hd...
  3. J

    Change user name on Account?

    Had same issue with new computer bought Friday - but just let Windows update and after the auto restart my name on the Start screen is now my "real" name that I have with my Microsoft account -- not my email address!!! Yipppeeee!!! Apparently you can now set your screen name online via your...
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    Help with email groups

    I am running W8 Pro upgrade from W7 and have synced W8 mail to my Gmail account. I have had no problems with the mail and my contacts synced over as well ....all except my contact groups. I have searched W8 and the net and forums and cannot find out how one can create contact groups in W8...