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  1. PierreHenriK

    Is Start Menu really matter?

    My reply was probably too simplistic for a topic so dependent on personal preference and experience. The point I was trying to make is that Windows can work on a regular laptop, as you have been able to experience in your own way.
  2. PierreHenriK

    Making the leap

    I haven't tried Steam, but, in theory, Windows 8 should support all the apps that run on Windows 7. So give it a try and see how that goes (and let us know as well). Regarding the backup, you should also use this opportunity to look at some new features of Windows 8 like File History and...
  3. PierreHenriK

    Is Start Menu really matter?

    Yep, some people dislike unexpected change, especially when they don't see the immediate value to this change. However, once you get over the initial knee-jerk reaction, I think that it is easy to get used to the way Windows 8 works. I have seen regular people using newly bought laptops with...
  4. PierreHenriK

    Windows 8 apps store cracks 20,000, most of them free

    One of the big issues with a new store is indeed having well known brands. However, equally good games and apps get created and released that should be given a chance too.