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    windows 8.1 preview fresh install from iso

    so i decided to make a fresh install with a iso from the download page and use the key that they provide on that same page. Windows 8.1 Preview ISO files - Microsoft Windows i tryed english 64bit running from windows 8 seamed to work but i didnt have 6.8 GB free .. so i go to boot from...
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    Self-made Windows 8 Wallpapers

    mix of other wallpapers
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    Windows Blue: No Windows desktop mode!? No!

    look at the desktop window as we looked at the cmd window ... is the cmd window gone ? never ! desktop is going to stay there forever ...
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    Five reasons why the Windows desktop isn't going away

    desktop will never be removed imo , it will be improved as always but never removed. at least as long as people will use keyboard and mouse as interface, the desktop as to be there. i agree with the metro direction windows is going for touch screen and even for kids or people that never used...
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    Can the old start menu be disabled?

    yes , right click the "desktop" tile and unpin from "start" .. im not sure how to bring it back if you regret tho
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    Solved My non-working APPS fixed without a Refresh!!

    most of the apps that came with the system dont work for me , wheather , mail , calender .. i dont know if its because im using a local acount and i need to log into a ms account or what is going on ... but i also dont have much time to mess with the system and i dont really need them :p .. i...
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    A List Of Start Menu Replacements for Windows 8

    i use pokki im happy with it .. no issues
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    Latest CCleaner Version Released

    be careful with the settings on ccleaner ... i had it to delete windows temps files , it made the boot get fatal errors on windows 8.