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  1. Lucas89


    So of late I have been learning about how to analyze bsod dump files. All excited and pumped after watching my video. I decide to generate so dump files to look at. Turn on verifier.exe and sure enough can't get back into windows. I was only checking my 3rd party drivers for every thing but...
  2. Lucas89

    Tappatalk app.

    Hey guys I some tines use the forum via the tappatalk app off the Android market. Logged in with my user/pass. Forums look great and work great. But I have found 1 tiny little problem. I can not add reputation. Its not a big deal just wondering if its possible to do? If not is there another app...
  3. Lucas89

    Windows 8 wifi browser based login

    OK having the problem of the wifi connection not getting to the browser username/password log in screen. i'm at uni. the free wifi uses wpa2-psk. click connect enter a password after logging you onto the network it should open a browser window for me to enter a username/password before...