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  1. Eve

    Old Systems

    Man I really need to start posting more here. Anyways So I was cleaning out my room today and found an old Micron PC lying around and decided to fire it up and see if I could get an OS on it. After digging through my old stack of floppy's and CD's and found and old XP disk. I got it running...
  2. Eve

    No sound

    Hi I installed Windows 8 on my laptop and got the audio drivers installed all fine and dandy... Except that's what Windows says. The driver says it is working properly and when I use the sound (Like playing something on Itunes) windows does the animation in the sound mixer like it is working...
  3. Eve

    Screen/External monitor fails to display anything

    Okay guys i have a puzzling one for you... I'm running my trusty Emachines E527 with Windows 8 RP. I was playing Minecraft on an external monitor (a TV) and I get a blue screen... no biggie I've dealt with these before. I do a hard reset and turn my computer back on and I don't get an image on...
  4. Eve

    Windows 8 boot changer?

    I'm not really a fan of the Windows 8 fish... I like the Windows 7 fish much better. I did some searching around on Google and I fail to find someone with a Windows 8 boot updater. Has anyone else find a way to change the boot to whatever I want?
  5. Eve

    Internet Explorer fails to work... period

    I personally don't mind Internet Explorer, I actually like using it... but unfortunately it isn't working for me in WCP. I Upgraded from Windows 7 Ultimate yesterday and ever sense then IE fails to even open and the metro icon doesn't even show up. I am running Emachines e527 with Windows 8...
  6. Eve

    Solved rearangekeys

  7. Eve

    Solved Product Key?

    I just installed the latest leaked Windows8 version, Is there any way I can get a product key? Just asking, that would be nice :P