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    'Ransomware' tricks victims into paying hefty fines

    I'm a computer tech and with all viruses we remove the hard drive and slave it to antother machine. We then scan the hard drive with a variety of antivirus and malware scanners. Once done we put it back int he machien and again run scans which generally then pickup the various registry entries.
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    Welcome to Eight Forums

    I've just joined up and all looks good. I've also created a small Windows 8 section on my Youtube Channel. Check it out and let me know what you all think? MS Windows 8 - YouTube
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    Windows 8 app store is the Achille's heal or cruel joke

    The Windows Store is new and as such can't compete with the likes of other online stores. Give it a bit for developers to catch up and it will get better. We have also put together a intro video on the Windows 8 store. Let em know what you think: Windows 8 Store Overview - YouTube -...