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  1. Eve

    New Windows 8.1 leak includes 'Metro' file explorer and im

    Looks like I'm downloading this one. Internet is slow so it'll take another half hour. I'll post back some results. ~Eve
  2. Eve

    Windows Blue: No Windows desktop mode!? No!

    Honestly, the desktop is just about perfected, it would be counter-productive on Microsoft's side if they didn't work on the metro style. I think Metro can turn into something great, If they know where to go with it and where to stop. <cantfindthetildaonmykeyboard> Eve EDIT: Found it...
  3. Eve

    Windows Blue - small look at leaked build 9364

    Thought I'd share this while my torrent is downloading:
  4. Eve

    Old Systems

    Man I really need to start posting more here. Anyways So I was cleaning out my room today and found an old Micron PC lying around and decided to fire it up and see if I could get an OS on it. After digging through my old stack of floppy's and CD's and found and old XP disk. I got it running...
  5. Eve

    Minecraft creator tells Microsoft to 'stop trying to ruin the PC'

    I like Windows 8, and I understand that WINE is a pain in the behind to configure, but I wasn't saying that I'd switch to Linux to run the PC games. I was stating that if the game companies stopped making games for PC, then people wouldn't have a choice but to change to whatever OS the game...
  6. Eve

    Minecraft creator tells Microsoft to 'stop trying to ruin the PC'

    A: dude, calm down, it's not that big of a deal. B: What I was saying was, IF by some small chance that a game company chooses to not make their games for Win 8, that I would resourt to usiing whatever OS they chose. I never said that I would not use Win 8 because I don't like the...
  7. Eve

    Minecraft creator tells Microsoft to 'stop trying to ruin the PC'

    Lol Notch is a funny dude. I agree that not making Minecraft (or other games for that matter), for Windows will surely be a slam on Microsoft. Gamers will resort to Linux or even OS X. I personally like Windows 8 overall, but when it comes down to gaming, If all of the games are for Linux, I'm...
  8. Eve

    No sound

    I have and that's the one that's giving me the issues to be honest :p
  9. Eve

    No sound

    I would install the RTM but the only one available to me is the beta and that times out after 90 days. I don't have a dev. account anywhere (trust me if I did, I would have it by now :P) I thank you for your help, and I'll look into finding a way of getting the RTM somehow...
  10. Eve

    No sound

    I found out it is just a driver problem... Realtek hasn't released the drivers for Windows 8 so Win8 is using the Microsoft drivers which aren't always the best. Hibernating wasn't a problem for me because that's basically what hybrid shutdown was. So as long as I didn't restart I don't have to...
  11. Eve

    No sound

    No :/ I'm thinking of doing a clean install (Every time I install Win8 I get a different outcome) I'll let you know how that goes... I won't do that until Thursday or Friday because of work.
  12. Eve

    No sound

    Nope.. Everything checks out okay with hardware....
  13. Eve

    No sound

    i had Windows 7 64bit (installed x86 windows 8 because I was running slow due to lack of ram.) I had Windows 8 RP on this machine awhile ago and it worked perfectly fine... I'm not sure why this is so different... and here's how it works: I boot my computer No sound I Hibernate my machine...
  14. Eve

    No sound

    Well.... Installed video drivers and no sound again... hibernate computer, wake it up, sound again... Is there a process that controls sound I should restart (other than windows audio service, I tried that)
  15. Eve

    No sound

    I tried all of the above except for the soundblaster drivers(because I know I don't have soundblaster) and none of it appeared to work... I was up until midnight and even did a system refresh.... nothing.... I hibernated my machine to go to bed and started working on it again about 10 minutes...
  16. Eve

    No sound

    Hi I installed Windows 8 on my laptop and got the audio drivers installed all fine and dandy... Except that's what Windows says. The driver says it is working properly and when I use the sound (Like playing something on Itunes) windows does the animation in the sound mixer like it is working...
  17. Eve

    Screen/External monitor fails to display anything

    Okay guys i have a puzzling one for you... I'm running my trusty Emachines E527 with Windows 8 RP. I was playing Minecraft on an external monitor (a TV) and I get a blue screen... no biggie I've dealt with these before. I do a hard reset and turn my computer back on and I don't get an image on...
  18. Eve

    Solved rearangekeys

    I ended up using KeyTweak. Only because I'm uncomfortable editing the registry by myself.
  19. Eve

    Internet Explorer fails to work... period

    Actually i found out a system refresh solved my problem fantastically. Unfortunatly it deleted all of my software but left a nifty list with download links so I wasn't too upset. I found that the problem most occurs when you use the Upgrade option to go from Windows 7 to 8 so that might have...
  20. Eve

    Windows 8 boot changer?

    I'm not really a fan of the Windows 8 fish... I like the Windows 7 fish much better. I did some searching around on Google and I fail to find someone with a Windows 8 boot updater. Has anyone else find a way to change the boot to whatever I want?