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    LMB morphed into RMB,scroll wheel began zooming - Help

    Hi Guys, This problem I'm about to describe has happened to me on 2 separate occassions, once about 3 months ago and last night. I was just doing some surfing and "using MS Word" [could be part of the problem] when all of a sudden weird things started happening. My Word doc started to zoom in...
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    EUESU folder with lots of small files. Was in my 'startup'

    Hi All, I noticed today a strange entry in my startup list. I often check to see what is there just incase there is something I don't need starting up with the system and can disable. Today I noticed an entry called "Start.vbs" in a folder called "EUESU" in my Users directory...
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    My Windows 8 Laptop does not see My Windows 7 Laptop

    This is start to get to me as I can't figure out why my 2 laptops are not communicating over my Home network. Both connect via a Wireless Modem Router. In Windows Explorer my Windows 7 Laptop can see my Windows 8 Laptop however when I click on it, I get "Windows cannot access \\[my computer...