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  1. Tews

    Microsoft pulls security patch after reports of BSODs.

    Microsoft pulls security patch after reports of BSOD and system crashes - Neowin
  2. Tews

    Windows 8.1 Aug Update Released (KB2975719)

    There are two files to this update. :) Windows 8.1 Aug Update Released (KB2975719) - Microsoft (Windows) Discussion & Support - Neowin Forums (KB2975719) available as optional update in Windows Update...
  3. Tews

    Live map shows hacking attempts.

  4. Tews

    Windows 8.1 Update Requirement Extended

    Source: Windows Experience Blog
  5. Tews

    Solved Switch Apps Tile

    Does anyone know how to remove this hideous orange/black tile from my start screen?
  6. Tews

    Solved File explorer

    My file explorer has started opening in libraries by default rather than "This Computer". Does anyone know to change this back???
  7. Tews

    Crypto Locker ransomware

    I heard reports of a new piece of malware that is going around. This one is particularly nasty, It Encrypts all of the data on your drive and mapped network drives with a RSA 256 bit AES key. Once encrypted there is no way to decrypted. The only way to get the files back is from an off site...
  8. Tews

    Microsoft Extends TechNet Subcriptions - 90 Days

    Source: Email
  9. Tews

    Solved Antivirus for 8.1 ??

    Can someone recommend an a/v that is compatible with 8.1? Normally I'd use MSE, but it's not compatible with 8.1. Avast is the same! :mad: