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  1. TheBull

    Dual boot issue.

    I am having a bit of an issue with my dual boot set up between W7 and W8. I have W7 as my default setting hence the old text bootscreen. Which is fine. Everything works well, the only issue is that when I boot into W7 I have the old Vista bootscreen, and not the 'flying orbs'. Anyone know how I...
  2. TheBull

    Various BSOD's at various times.

    Hey guys, I am really getting frustrated with all these BSOD's I am getting. They vary from CACHE MANAGER errors to Kernel security failures, etc. I attach the rar as instructed and hope someone can help. Thanks.
  3. TheBull

    Windows 8 theme!

    Found this while crusing through Deviantart. (Fake, but pretty nice) :)