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  1. MirnaDorris

    Windows 8.1 updates

    Windows Embedded 8.1 falls under the same lifecycle policy as Windows Embedded 8 with support ending 7/11/2023. Customers have 24 months to move to Windows Embedded 8.1 to remain supported. This applies to Windows Embedded 8 Industry Enterprise :think: I don't feel Microsoft gonna stop support...
  2. MirnaDorris

    need freeware app for an easy photo gallery

    I would like to suggest another one named faststone image viewer. Have a great day :party:
  3. MirnaDorris

    Solved Latest Version Malwarebytes Anti Exploit

    Must have tool to increase extra security thanks :thumbsup:
  4. MirnaDorris

    Can't delete folder & 120 GB missing space on external

    See if the easeus data recovery software does the trick
  5. MirnaDorris

    Windows 8.1 updates

    I don't think so just make sure your update is working fine or not.
  6. MirnaDorris

    Hard drive

    I second that what oliverpowell said if that doesn't solve the problem, then the simple task is to backup your data somewhere Then format the drive. Then test by booting clean drive connected. If it does restore the data back to the Ex HDD let us know if this fixed the problem
  7. MirnaDorris

    Solved Do anyone know anything about this VPN service?

    Each of us got different needs when it comes to VPN so review will depend on your requirement are you concern about VPN keeping logs? are you looking for just list of country ips or state/loc matters? VPN speed limit price what type of Encryption it got in which country VPN company is hosted...
  8. MirnaDorris

    Facebook wont load on chrome

    Try to disable newly activated extension/add-ons first if that can't get you fix the error then as other says Restore browser settings to their original defaults is an Ideal Solution
  9. MirnaDorris

    key windows 8

    My windows key is printed back side of my laptop. I am not sure all laptop have it or not you can also check on you laptop box or catalog (if you still have it.) update here if you find it
  10. MirnaDorris

    Solved Problem with touch screen with recently reinstalled W.8.1

    Good to know that :) have a Great Day
  11. MirnaDorris

    Solved Problem with touch screen with recently reinstalled W.8.1

    I have faced the similar situation a month ago even the 10 finger touch was not working as it used to be and also the touch gesture features were not working. After surfing around I found one solution, it was about to update Graphic Driver from HP Support Assistance software as I have HP laptop...