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    Solved How to add Downloads folder to File History ?

    Does anyone know how to add the Downloads folder to File History ?
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    1st time notebook user question

    I've only used desktop pc's since 1996. I'm getting a used notebook Friday and have a question about notebook's. Once the battery is charged , should I remove it when I'm using it while it's plugged into a electrical outlet at home ?
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    Is there a way to overprovisio a ssd from theInstall/Avanc

    I have to do a clen install of W 8 Pro due to new mobo w/uefi. 1st mobo reived is defective. It's going back to Newegg mid-week.Is there a way to overprovisiom my ssd after formatting and deletng it's 2 partitions from the old install of 8 with my old 890fxa-gd70 mobo ?
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    Corsair case help needed

    I recently got a new Corsair Carbide 500R White case to replace a NZXT Tempest EVO, which the power switch jammed on and a front panel wire came off of. THE 500R's front panel wiring and fan connector's I could use some help with.The case's front panel power switch has power sw printed on it.The...
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    Solved Is SSD Tweaker worth using ?

    Is SSD Tweaker still good to use in Windows 8, like it was in Windows 7 ? If it is, should Istill use it,s automatic optization or should I use custom settings ? I use the Pro version of it.
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    New to Eight Forum's

    Hi evryone. I'new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself. I`ve been using W8 off/on sinc the Build Preview and have been using W8 Pro since November.My p.c. is currently down for about the next 12 day`s.My old case stopped working on 12/23/2012 [power button jammed on position on old...