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  1. Der Snoober

    The beginning of the end of Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox is adding ad's to their browsers :eek:. IMHO the beginning of the end for what once, a long time ago in a galaxy far away ;), was a great browser. Greetz, Rover
  2. Der Snoober

    Solved Driver update for Wacom Bamboo Tablet

    A month ago Wacom released a new driver for their Bamboo brand. You can download the drivers from the Wacom website ==> Wacom Europe GmbH - Customer Care - Driver Greetz, Rover
  3. Der Snoober

    Solved Powershell and Monitor as 125% or 150%

    Hi everybody, I need your help for a change ;). Since the upgrade to Windows 8.1 I have a very strange issue with the Windows Powershell (and only withg the Powershell). I occurs both on my Surface Pro 2 as well as on my desktop computer. General information: On my Surface Pro 2 the screensize...
  4. Der Snoober

    Microsoft pulled RT 8.1 from the store

    Windows RT 8.1 pulled from the Windows Store - Neowin
  5. Der Snoober

    Solved Documenting my first experience with the Surface Pro 2

    Hello Everybody! Last monday Microsoft announced the arrival of a new Surface line. The Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2. The launch of these new tablets will be on monday October 21st. Next month I'll be working for 10 years straight at the same company and therefore I will recieve a...
  6. Der Snoober

    Solved How often do you clean your pc?

    I try to give my pc a thorough cleaning every three months. Then I dismantle the entire pc and clean every part of it. Making it dustfree etc. By doing this I try to avoid the clogging of dust. Also the pc stays silent when runnig due to the fact that the fans don't have to work very hard to...
  7. Der Snoober

    Solved New drivers for the Wacom tablets

    Hardware Drivers | Wacom There are new drivers available for the Wacom tablets. :thumbsup: Version Number 5.32-1 The changes are: Notes: The naming of the Start menu folder, the control panel and the Preferences Utility was changed from Bamboo to Wacom. This driver includes improvements of...
  8. Der Snoober

    Solved Setting up a non-personal account

    Hi there, I need some advice and I hope you people can advise me. I want to set up a non-personal account on my pc. It is an account that guests/friends/family/etc. can use to browse the internet and stuff like that. I don't like it when they use my account. Already I've created a new local...