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    WIndows 8: Slow shut down time.

    Hi all; All this while, the start up and shut down time for my Windows 8 is really fast. However, starting from yesterday, i found out my shut down time has lagged considerably. What used to be a speedy shutdown now drags on and on. Can anyone help me to diagnosis what the problem may be...
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    How RAM/ SSD can speed up HDD write/ read speed?

    Enabling superfetch/ prefetch to speed up HDD read/ write. Hi all; Good day, I would like to know how to boost the read/ write speed of my Hard Disk Drive. Someone told me about some innovation in Windows 8 such as Superfetch, Prefetch, Ready Boost, etc - something that is supposedly utilizing...
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    Change "Save As" directories for Libraries.

    Hi all; Need help on how to change the "Save As" directories in Libraries. Basically, i have 2 drives running on my laptop being - C Drive: SSD ~ i want this to store all my system information + very frequently used programs. - D Drive: HDD ~ to store * My DOcuments, * My Pictures, * My...
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    Hiding partitions in Factory installed HDD (Lenovo Y580)

    Hi all; Need to ask how to hid all the partitions in the factory installed HDD for Lenovo Y580. This is the scenario. Firstly, i successfully migrated all of the following partitions: OEM/Hidden partition, C partition: boot drive/ program files and data drive & D partition: containing drivers...
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    USB thumbdrive 16.0GB

    HI all, First of all, my apologies because this thread is abit out of topic.... I got a Kingston USB thumbdrive 16.0GB to be used as part of a recovery media for Windows 8. However, now "My Computer" is showing 14.0GB available out of what is supposed to be a 16.0GB. Mind you, this is a new USB...
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    Solved Where to find the Aero Flip 3D?

    HI all, Where can i find the Aero Flip 3D for Windows 8??? It is the < "Windows" key + "Tab" >. It existed in Windows 7 but do not know how to enable it in Windows 8.
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    Cloning from HDD to SSD vs. a fresh installation on SSD

    Hi all; Need your help on this. Currently, i am planning to use the SSD as the boot drive to install the OS and all other programs. However, which is the better route? - cloning / migrating the data from the HDD to SSD, versus - a clean installation on the SSD??? This is the scenario...