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    USB keyboard extra buttons keeps dieing

    Hello! I have a Logitech K200 keyboard, it has extra buttons like Mute, My Computer, Calculator, etc. For a few days, they are working perfectly, but sometimes they stop responding, and only one thing helps: unplugging and plugging in the keyboard again. Any idea why it happens, and how I can...
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    Windows 8 performance randomly drops drastically

    Hey guys! For a while now, my computers performance randomly drops down a lot. Mostly it is just the multimedia performance, as far as I can tell it, since the rest seems to work fine. It happens like weekly, and here is what I can notice: - I can play one match of League of Legends without any...
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    Solved Right click on local disk produces crash

    Hello there, unfortunately, I am posting about a weird error, which I have no idea how to solve. I tried to search for solutions as well, no luck. Here is what I wanted to do: right click in File Explorer on a local disk, so I can share it, so I can access that drive from my laptop. Attached a...