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    Solved Can't Find Windows Media Player??

    So running an HP Envy 700-214 PC with the Win8 Pro upgrade added. I can't seem to find any reference for WMP in my list of installed programs however if I insert a CD and hit play the Now Playing window pops up and I can switch to My Libraries where WMP is visible. I'm confused..... How do I...
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    Win 8.1 HP Envy 700-214 Auto Shut Down Upon Powering Up?

    As above I have an HP Envy 700-214 that's somewhat recently started shutting itself off almost as soon as the on power button is pushed---it does give indication its performing that function via an OSD message. After the second button push it does power up and run pretty much flawlessly until...
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    Win 8.1 Nag Delete

    Hoping I describe this correctly............. Have a near new HP Envy 700-214 that arrived with Win 8----I bought and installed an authentic MS 8.1 upgrade disc mostly to add WMC. This machine is NEVER online, never will be and isn't even connected to any internet connection. Every so often...
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    Disable Win 8.1 Upgrade Nagging?

    Running an HP Envoy 700-214 with W8 factory installed, did add the Pro 8.1 CD-ROM direct from MS solely to have Windows Media Center---all that is working perfectly. The occasional pop up band pushing the 8.1 upgrade is annoying. This machine is NEVER online--NEVER and will never be since...
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    Solved Media Center Auto Update Disable?

    Complete newbie to Win8XX---forgive me for that alone please? :) Running an HP machine with Win8.1 Pro, almost NEVER connected to the web, used only to record antenna TV broadcasts via Hauppauge tuner cards. My issue is wanting to go and stay in sleep mode but MCUpdate engages about 3am every...