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    Decompress a zip file using the Windows 8.x command prompt

    Hi Using the Windows 8.x command prompt, how do I decompress a zip file with the Microsoft commands? Thanks Bye
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    Windows PE 5.x boot problem

    Hi With Windows ADK and its MakeWinPEMedia utility, I created an ISO image of Windows PE 5.x but when I start it, it does not boot. His BCD is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Deployment Tools>bcdedit /store...
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    Robocopy /move problem

    Hi In Windows 8.x, should I move the entire contents of a directory (containing files and directories) in a Media sub-directory. I have: c:\Test c:\Test\<File_name1>.txt c:\Test\<File_name2>.txt c:\Test\b c:\Test\c I have tried with the command robocopy c:\Test c:\Test\Media /move but it...
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    Find two or more strings in an output

    Hi In the command prompt in Windows 8.x, the output of the dir command produces a list of all files and directories with their information. If I wanted to display only the output of only two or three files (including their information), how should I do? Note: These files, that I should see...
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    Explanation of all entries of the Windows Boot Manager ...

    Hi Where can I find the explanation of all entries of the Windows Boot Manager and Windows BootLoader sections that appear when I write the /store /v options of bcdedit command? Thanks Bye
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    Deleting the files and directories of an directory

    Hi With the Command Prompt in Windows 8.x, which command should I use to delete all files and all subdirectories of a directory without deleting this root directory? Thanks Bye
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    Diskpart, two partitions and bootable USB stick

    Hi Using the diskpart utility, how do I create a bootable USB stick with two partitions so that it is bootable with computers with the BIOS or UEFI? Because in these two partitions I would insert the Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.x, how should I do make sure that, during the boot of this USB...
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    The Windows Defender keys and entries

    Hi Where can I find an updated guide on the registry keys and entries of the latest version of Windows Defender for all versions and editions Windows 8.x? Thanks Bye
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    Hiding the Administrators accounts to the Sign-In screen

    Hi I have Windows 8.1 Update Enterprise 64 bit. How do I prevent that one or more Administrators accounts are displayed in the Sign-in screen where all users are listed without these are disabled? How can I access to one of them? Thanks Bye
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    Robocopy and same directory

    Hi With the Robocopy command of Windows 8.x, how do I do a copy of a file (renaming it) in the same directory of the source file? Thanks Bye
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    Appending a volume image and setting the its flags

    Hi I am using Windows 8.1 Update and Windows ADK. If I use the command Dism /Commit-Image /MountDir:"<Mount_Directory_Path>" /Append /CheckIntegrity to add a volume image modified, how should I do to set the name and description of the new image without using the ImageX command...
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    Change the volume image flags values

    Hi I am using Windows 8.1 Update and Windows ADK. Without using the ImageX command, how do I change the volume image flags values displayed with the Dism /Get-ImageInfo /ImageFile:"<WIM_File_Path>\<WIM_Name.wim" /Index:<Image_Index> command? Where are these values ​​stored? Thanks Bye
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    Finding corrupt file in an Windows 8.1 Update installation

    Hi I would like to know if, with Windows 8.1 Update, there is a way to know if its installation has some of its corrupt file? Thanks Bye
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    Changing the name and description of a volume image

    Changing the name and description of the volume images Hi I am using Windows 8.1 Update and Windows ADK. How do I change the name and description of the volume images stored in a wim file without using the ImageX command? In other words, if I should change the name and description of 4...
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    Keys for boot phase

    Keys for the boot phase Hi During the boot of Windows 8.1 Update, how do I go directly to the screen of the advanced settings of the boot? In this phase, how can I go in safe mode? Thanks Bye
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    Robocopy and attributes problem

    Hi Using Robocopy, I should copy the files of a directories structure with all their ACL and their attributes except the attributes of reading in another structure. How should I do this? Thanks Bye
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    Coping iso file and mounting problem

    Hi I am using Windows 8.1 Update Enterprise 64 bit and Windows ADK. I noticed that, if I select the "Environment of the deployment tools and creations images" and I click on the "Run as Administrator" item of his Pop-Up menu and I mount on a iso image of windows 8.1 Update, when I run the...
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    Windows Media Center feature and offline installation

    Hi I installed Windows 8.1 Pro Update using the MSDN iso (untouched) of Windows 8.1 Update (Multiple Edition). Now, I would like to add the Windows Media Center feature. How should I do? Is it possible to add this feature even if your computer does not have an Internet connection? Thanks Bye
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    Discovering the Retail or VL version of Windows 8.1 Update

    Hi How do I discover if, on my computer, I have the Retail or VL version of Windows 8.1 Update? Thanks Bye
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    Creating an single ISO for Windows PE 5.1 32/64 bit

    Hi With MDT 2013 and Windows ADK, how do I create a single ISO that, at startup, allows to choose whether to run Windows PE 5.1 32 bit or 64 bit? Thanks Bye