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    Windows Media Player - Editing Album Names

    Here's the problem: In Windows Media Player 12 Album listings I can edit/change an Album title on our computer no.1, but the change isn't recognized by our computer no. 2 or no. 3. Does anyone know how to fix this, please? Comp. no. 1 - Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit PC. Comp. no. 2 - Windows 8.1 Pro...
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    ROKU Ultra Streaming TV Box Has Been Hacked!

    Interesting observation, yet it seems unlikely. The TV and Roku box use the friend's home wi-fi which is the newest Xfinity gateway with a long, strong passphrase. Avast Premium anti-virus reports the wi-fi network as secure, no problems. His network monitoring app (Netshark maybe, not sure?)...
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    ROKU Ultra Streaming TV Box Has Been Hacked!

    Thanks for your reply. I clicked on the link you provided. Three "solutions" are highlighted. The "solutions" note that it's a scam by 3rd parties, that Roku doesn't charge an activation fee, and that Roku would like more details so they can look into it. There's NOTHING about the true source...
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    ROKU Ultra Streaming TV Box Has Been Hacked!

    I'm posting this as a Buyer Beware warning. Not certain it should be posted here, but wanted to let everyone know what's going on. ROKU Ultra has been HACKED! Purchasers of a brand new ROKU Ultra are encountering a "Locked" screen during initial setup out of the box. The message on the screen...
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    Solved Custom Text Size Reverts to Default Whenev PC is Restarted

    Thanks for your reply. I tried it and it works! Text sizes and Bold type are staying as i set them through several shutdowns, cold boots, and restarts. Thanks again!
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    Solved Custom Text Size Reverts to Default Whenev PC is Restarted

    Windows 8.1 allows you to "Change only the text size" under Personalize / Display. It says "Instead of changing the size of everything on the desktop, change only the text size for a specific item". You can choose a larger text size and Bold type for Title Bars, Menus, Icons, and more. So, i...
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    Unable to Recover a System Image made with Win 8.1

    We're unable to restore/recover a system image we created recently using Windows 8.1. Would appreciate your help to get it working, please. System details: Windows 7 w/SP1 installed on a 240GB SSD. All available Critical/Important updates also installed. Windows 8 installed on 80GB...
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    Suggestions about Laptop ?

    Core i3 2.4GHz or faster is powerful enough. Core i5 2.4GHz or above is a little more powerful, but both are dual-cores. Core i3 may run slightly cooler, but not much. ASUS and Lenovo both make solid good quality laptops. 4GB RAM is enough for most people but, if multitasking, you may prefer...