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    Windows Media Player - Editing Album Names

    Here's the problem: In Windows Media Player 12 Album listings I can edit/change an Album title on our computer no.1, but the change isn't recognized by our computer no. 2 or no. 3. Does anyone know how to fix this, please? Comp. no. 1 - Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit PC. Comp. no. 2 - Windows 8.1 Pro...
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    ROKU Ultra Streaming TV Box Has Been Hacked!

    I'm posting this as a Buyer Beware warning. Not certain it should be posted here, but wanted to let everyone know what's going on. ROKU Ultra has been HACKED! Purchasers of a brand new ROKU Ultra are encountering a "Locked" screen during initial setup out of the box. The message on the screen...
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    Solved Custom Text Size Reverts to Default Whenev PC is Restarted

    Windows 8.1 allows you to "Change only the text size" under Personalize / Display. It says "Instead of changing the size of everything on the desktop, change only the text size for a specific item". You can choose a larger text size and Bold type for Title Bars, Menus, Icons, and more. So, i...
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    Unable to Recover a System Image made with Win 8.1

    We're unable to restore/recover a system image we created recently using Windows 8.1. Would appreciate your help to get it working, please. System details: Windows 7 w/SP1 installed on a 240GB SSD. All available Critical/Important updates also installed. Windows 8 installed on 80GB...