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  1. blackroseMD1

    Bought the AC Unity Season Pass? You get a free game.

    In a post this morning from Yannis Mallat, CEO of Ubisoft Montreal, it was stated that sales of the Season Pass for Assassin's Creed Unity have been suspended. Anyone who has already bought the game will receive the Dead Kings DLC for free. Anyone who has already bought the Season Pass or...
  2. blackroseMD1

    Is my GPU being bottlenecked by my CPU?

    I can see that the max usage is pretty up there while playing Watch Dogs, but do those few percentage points away from 100% mean that it's not bottlenecked, or should I look at getting a better CPU?
  3. blackroseMD1

    Solved Is my CPU bottlenecking my GPU?

    Delete please. Wrong section.
  4. blackroseMD1

    Solved New R9 280X or recertified R9 290?

    Alright, I've got a budget of around $340 for a new GPU after getting two faulty (used) 280Xs in a row. On Amazon, I can get any number of new R9 280X cards for that price, but there is also a re-certified R9 290 sold through Tegra Tech (who are apparently an "authorized wholesaler and on-line...
  5. blackroseMD1

    Heads up: Win 8.1 doesn't allow ADB/Fastboot drivers

    So, I'm a bit of an Android geek as well, and today I went to go update the firmware on my HTC. To do that, you have to use ADB while the bootloader is loaded. Once I rebooted into the bootloader, Windows showed a pop up saying that the device had malfunctioned. I did a little searching...
  6. blackroseMD1

    Solved Looking at using SSD as boot drive with HDD as data drive

    So, I was thinking about buying a 128GB SSD and installing Windows 8 on it, but installing my programs and games to my secondary HDD drive. My question is, how much performance would I gain if I'm still launching my programs and games from the HDD instead of the SSD? Also, would it just be...
  7. blackroseMD1

    Solved Chromium Nightlies

    Anyone know where they are now? I go to Index of /f/chromium/snapshots and the read me says to go to I go there, click on the Win folder and it's nothing but a blank page... Anyone know where they are hosting them now?