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    Regarding the charms bar

    Hi evryone, looks like yet another problem today. the prob is that when i point my mouse towards the top right corner the charms bar doesn't show up!!! but it shows up when navigated to the lower right corner or windows + c. waiting for solution asap! Thank You IN Advance, Vardhan
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    Solved Regarding upgrading from windows 8 to windows 8.1

    Hey evryone!:p looks like today i upgraded my pc to windows 8.1 , and before doing that i checked my pc for compatibility probs using the ms compatibility thingy and it showed that all the programs are compatible. and believing that i ran the 8.1 setup and checking the first option that keeps...
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    Permanently Disable Driver Signing in Windows 8 / 8.1!!!!

    Hi EvryOne, Today i thought i'd share a way to permanently disable the annoying Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 8 / 8.1 - for the sake of bearing with a small watermark in the corner. 1.Open up Command Prompt as an admin. 2.Type these lines => One By One and press enter accordingly...
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    Regarding upgrading PC to support virtualization

    Hi Everyone, ok so my pc specs are as follows.(mostly described in description underneath as know to all) Intel pentium dual processor - e2180 so now i hate to admit it but my pc doesnt support hardware virtualization! so my prob is that in reason to have hardware virtualization on my pc...
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    Solved Want to buy a graphics card suggesions plz!

    Hi evryone! i'm planning on buying a graphics card in a few days, buy i have sum trouble getting one. If u guys are free can u give me sum suggesions? processor in attachment!
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    Solved Folders changing to application formats!

    Folders are constantly changing to applications in my usb. 1.tried all possible ways 2.tried the scan and cmd fix 3.plz tell me a way to fix it. soon as the copying is done and i replug the usb they all change into applications! plzz help asap i have to submit my schoolwork:cry:
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    How To Clean Virus If Affected And Folders Turn To *.exe

    Hi Evryone, I would like to share a simple that will work for a majority of people if their important files have been affected by virus and have been turned into application files or *.exe. 1.Right click the drive and check for errors with Windows. 2.If any errors were found then fix them...
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    Solved I have problem with the boot image of win8 recovery cd

    Hey guys, Its like i got the iso of the recovery cds of windwos 7, vista and so on.... i made a multi boot cd of them. but i want to add windows 8 to it. it looks like i need the iso for that pupose. i tried in windows but i only put the recovery things in my usb! i tried making the iso with...
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    Solved Need answers urgently in a day!!

    hi everyone! i have a big question since i have my birthday coming up in a few days i would like to ask my dad to but some RAM as a gift for me. the question is i have 4 slots for RAM on my pc and i would like to add 1 gb more. 2 slots have already been used 1gb + 1gb. should i buy 2x 512 mb ram...
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    Bluetooth Dongle Not Detecting Bluetooth Mobile

    Hi all this is my first post/question so bear with me if it hurts the rules :eek: Ok now i bought this usb dongle today and installed it successfully on windows 8 for 4 hrs trying to make it connect my android phone to the pc using bluetooth but in vain. It worked one time but went of in an...