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  1. StoneWolfe

    Solved Pirated Software

    So, I know folks here can't help BSOD issues when someone is running a pirated copy of Windows, but what if someone has a pirated copy of Office? Can help be given then?
  2. StoneWolfe

    Solved Kmode_exception_not_handled bsod

    This happened a few days ago and only once. I had a few applications open, nothing too taxing. I've only ever had one other BSOD, months ago. I can't find where I wrote down what the previous BSOD was, but it was not the same as this most recent BSOD.
  3. StoneWolfe

    Way to increase amount of text seen on desktop icon?

    Is there a way to increase the amount of text seen on a desktop icon on Windows 8.1? I would like to be able to see the full file name of a file on the desktop.