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  1. Goldy

    hyper v no sound

    Why after all this time hasn't Microsoft upgraded hyper v with sound drivers? I use virtualbox just because of that. weird though, in xp mode win7 computer at work I do have sound.
  2. Goldy

    Solved ssd lesson learned

    I just installed an intel 530 ssd 240 gig. intel data migration tool worked great in clone mode. c drive size 82 gigs win 8.1 (I keep all my data on another drive and cleared all my temp files). an hour later I plugged it in as C: and it works great. One big mistake I made was not disabling...
  3. Goldy

    Solved win 8.1 mail oddity

    On my gateway desktop my mail icon has a 1 in it. even though I have cleaned out all the folders for all (Aol, att, gmail and yahoo) the 1 remains. it does change when I receive some mail (it was at 8 this morning) After I cleaned it the 1 is back. I also checked out the web mail sites to make...
  4. Goldy

    flash drive tip?

    This has probably been posted before. New computers no longer have floppy drives so there are two drive letters that are available which are seldom used by folks who have multiple hard drives or add in flash drives, A and B. I have several removable HDs and my C drive which I use for just...