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  1. Somebodyhura

    Solved [software developing]

    hi all readers. i know it may sound crazy a bit but if someone knows how to make windows applications i want a very very simple application. an application that runs automatically (for example when i connect the usb flash drive whit the file in it,the file runs) and closes every process except...
  2. Somebodyhura

    Solved Drive "D" load fail

    hello to all. i have this computer about 3 years or more and as its old i usually run optimization apps and cleanups every month. i cleaned the drives,defragmented them and other options until i get to disk check( i use boost speed program). i marked all and started the scan. "C" was postponed...
  3. Somebodyhura

    Metro Icons Problem

    Metro Icons Turn Into Blank Rectangles! Hi I had windows 8 once a time but the icons of metro will be disappeared after next start up so i degraded to windows i installed windows 8.1 hoping it's fixed...but i saw it didn't...:confused: it's so awful... i cant see what i am clicking in...