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  1. JaidynM

    EF app crashing on iPod 3rd Gen

    The EF app doesn't seem to work on my iPod 3rd Gen. The SF app works fine but the EF app doesn't seem to won't to open. It opens for about a second and then crashes.
  2. JaidynM

    Solved Anyone watch the Australian Open finals?

    What a match! Too bad Djokovic won, Nadal in my opinion is the better player.
  3. JaidynM

    Happy Australia Day!!!

    To all you aussies out there, Happy Australia Day!
  4. JaidynM

    Word association [4]

  5. JaidynM

    Finally got W8, but Start menu colour is annoying...

    Well, I finally got Windows 8 Developer Preview. It all looks great except for the Start Menu colour. It's a weird looking green and If I can, I'd like to change it...
  6. JaidynM

    Solved Change signature?

    For some reason, I can't change my signature.