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  1. Win8win

    can't update to 8.1

    i download the windowssetupbox.exe write the key - work after that next and it write me always no internet connection and the internet works! i try to disable comodo internet security and nothing.. and other question: how can i know if my activation its vl or something else? thanks!
  2. Win8win

    Update from windows 8 pro to windows 8.1

    hey i have the last updates on the PC. i've install the KB....89 update again and still not get the update! its can couse because i have KMS or MDSN? how i check it???
  3. Win8win

    Winamp Lyrics plugin on aimp3

    hope its the place.. i send this problem to AIMP hope you can help me here: i just install the plugin i see then on aimp but i can use . why? and how? thanks!
  4. Win8win

    Solved can't install silverlight update

    hello guys i just try to install silverlight update its give me 64C error before its give me 562 error (i think..) what to do???
  5. Win8win

    display lyrics on media player 12

    hello guys a few month ago i use WMP with famous lyrics plugin but now its doesn't work. what i need to do? i try many time's to re-install and repair and nothing happen tom