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  1. papin97

    Solved Windows Update can't check update

    Now, I can't download anything from Windows Update.
  2. papin97

    How to change system font in Windows 8?

    Hi. I like the new Segoe UI font for Windows 8, but I want to change to another font and I want apply this font in all section. How to do this?
  3. papin97

    Solved How to be a VIP member?

    Hi. I want to be VIP Member. How to do that?
  4. papin97

    How to create a tutorial?

    Hi. I want to create my own tuturial that show on EightForums Tutorial. How to do this?
  5. papin97

    Store Apps not working

    Hi. My Store Apps is not working now. When I click "Install", the download won't start. I have two downloads pending, and they won't resume. It stuck at "Pending" and can't clicked. The Apps are "Jazz:Trump's Journey" and "English Club"
  6. papin97

    Solved Windows Update can't resume install

    Hi. When I'm download update on Windows Update, I'm stop download on 98%. I'm shutted down my Laptop. Tomorrow, when I want to resume, it can't resume. Stuck at "Preparing to Install", but there is not disk or network activity. The file I want to download and Install is "Intel Graphics driver"...
  7. papin97

    Cannot sign-in to Xbox Live App because error 0xc00d1353

    Hello. I want to ask about that. When I sign-in to Xbox Live Apps, it says Error 0xc00d1353 (Your sign-in info is different to your Windows Region:cry:), but I'm sure that Windows region and Windows Live Account is set to United States (Although in real I'm living in Indonesia because Xbox Live...