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    Ethernet Unidentified, Limited

    I'm glad you were able to fix it.
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    Ethernet Unidentified, Limited

    Since you do have a way to get online (wifi), go to Windows Update and scan for new updates. If there is an "optional" update listed for your Ethernet adapter, install only that one update, then reboot. I have found that the above method often fixes problems with the built-in Ethernet adapter.
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    Windows 8.1 Problem - Application Hang - Explorer.exe Hang

    Can you use Windows Explorer in Safe Mode? (Safe Mode is a stripped down version of Windows, where only the bare essentials are running. It is good for troubleshooting issues with Windows.) To get to Safe Mode, shut down the computer, then power on. As soon as the Dell splash screen...
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    Breathing Life into Surface Pro 1

    I can't imagine this being true. But this is one thing that you need to be aware of: If you have installed anything in Windows (that is, you do not have a "pristine" machine), and you do a clean-install upgrade to a newer version of Windows, whatever you installed previously will be...
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    weak usb performance

    You didn't make a hardware change, but you made a major software change - you went from XP to Windows 8.1. Go to the website for your motherboard, select your OS (Windows 8.1 64-bit or 32-bit), and download and install the latest USB driver. See if that fixes the problem. M5A88-V EVO Driver...
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    Solved Need Driver For My Graphics Card

    I suggest you go to the Toshiba website and look up your laptop. All of the drivers should be there, available for download.
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    I just want to cry now:

    I doubt seriously that Microsoft is trying to break W7 or W8. However, it is possible that they have introduced difficulties to the Windows Update system which require skill to overcome, which means that non-geek users will be forced to upgrade to W10 if they want to stay updated. Probably a...
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    Windows 8.1 pro problem in domain environment

    I've never seen this particular problem; but have you gone into Group Policy to see if there is a policy for this, and if you can make a setting change to try to fix it? Make sure you write down whatever changes you make in Group Policy, so that you can easily undo what you did if necessary.
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    NEW Hard Drive Install

    Can you boot another computer with your Windows 8 DVD? This is just to test the DVD; as soon as you get to a prompt in the Windows 8 install process, you can power down that computer. Go into the BIOS of your ASUS laptop and make sure that it is configured to allow for booting from a DVD...
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    Fan noise increases when watching youtube videos

    Unfortunately you have the disadvantages that Nigel spoke of - your all-in-one computer is made as compact as possible, making cooling more difficult. However, since you don't have a laptop, you can't utilize a fan-equipped cooling pad. And since you don't have a regular desktop computer, you...
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    Sounds like you may have a bad hard drive. It is also possible that you have a bad CMOS battery. I suggest first replacing the CMOS battery, to see if that fixes the problem. If not, then replace the drive. If you need a Windows 8 install disk, go to and download the...
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    Laptop freeze then beeps

    If you wait long enough, will your laptop unfreeze? The long beep makes me think that there is a hardware issue. Possibly a memory issue. Is this a Windows 10 computer? If so, then you may get better assistance in our Windows 10 forums (Windows 10 Help Forums).
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    Wallpapers still on pc after getting a new hard drive

    Do you use a Microsoft account or a local account when you log onto Windows? Most people use a Microsoft account. One of the things that a Microsoft account does is keep track of your settings and other things when you log onto Windows, and then makes these things available when you log onto...
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    Since update, can't open docx; installer starts

    Have you tried uninstalling that one update?
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    Parallel use of two (or more) network adapters

    I worked at a place once where there were two networks for the geologists - one of their networks was super fast, and the other network was the regular-speed company-wide network. They needed super high speed for the massive amounts of geological data that they had to analyze. The geologists...
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    Dell laptop

    You likely don't need to buy a new computer or get your computer repaired. Edit your sleep settings in Group Policy. If you disable sleep in Group Policy, your computer will not sleep anymore. Open a Command Prompt and type MMC and hit ENTER. This will bring up Microsoft Management Console...
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    Can't find video controller driver

    You put an invalid service tag. However, I was able to search on the model number. The newest OS that was shipped with your computer was Vista. I suggest trying the 32-bit Vista driver. Vista is a long distance from 8.1, so I am not optimistic about your success with it. ven_8086 looks to...
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    I just want to cry now:

    The fact that it takes 3-5 minutes to boot to the login screen means that you probably have a hard drive issue or some other hardware problem. Check the most obvious thing: are all cables securely plugged in? If they aren't, plug them all in securely then reboot, to see if the problem has...
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    Solved Proper removal/withdrawal of OS?

    I always got 10 seconds on the show!
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    Solved Proper removal/withdrawal of OS?

    If you are referring to the Windows that came pre-installed on the laptop when it was new, then you can not legally withdraw the license from that computer and move it to another. It is an "OEM" license, specifically defined to be for that computer only. Your only option to continue with that...