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    Questions about Windows 8.1 Pro

    As to your question, I'm a hands on type of Computer Tech, and I would have to be there and experience your situation to be able to offer any explanation, or resolution. An old saying that I've always liked, "to really foul things up, you need a computer." I think that goes back to before the...
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    Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64

    I only know of ONE safe source for Windows Operating Systems. that is: WWW(dot)GETINTOPC(dot)COM/softwares/Operating-Systems You may have to go back several pages to find what you want. Good Luck, TM :cool:
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    What is the difference between window 8.1 and windows 10?

    There IS a script, that permanently disables Auto Updates in 10. I install that on every Win-10 Setup. And then, there are NO unwanted updates. Minus updates is COOL! Cheers Mate! TM :cool:
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    Runs great but desktop lag gets annoying, need help

    SSD or Spinner? Is the RAM maxed out? Have you done any registry tweaks? If you were not across the pond, I'd just say, "Bring it on down here, and I'll tweak it out for you", but...... Getting the best out of a computer is what I've been doing for over 4 decades. I have 10 PC's, and none of...
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    Restart Time

    I had never run the "Timer" program on this old Toshiba Satellite (laptop). After repairing it from "Broken and Beyond Repair" status, I did my normal tweaking and tuning, like every other PC. It's only a 32 bit machine, so I'm running Windows 7/x86. Here's the report from the "Restart Timer"...
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    What is the difference between window 8.1 and windows 10?

    In playing around with different OS's, I've found that the only real benefit, for me, using older PC's, is that Windows 10, pig that it is, has a GREAT Hardware Driver Package. It will install the correct hardware drivers on just about any old PC. However, Windows 8.1 is a more user friendly...
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    How to copy an file to new usb using cmd?

    As a very old computer tech, etc. I have to ask one question,,,,"WHY?". Almost daily I have to copy a file somewhere and I always use the "copy and paste", "Drag and Drop", or "Send To" functions of Windows. It's not necessary to use the cmd prompt, where you're actually using DOS. And, you...
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    Laptop keeps going back to the homescreen for no reason

    It sounds like maybe you're hitting some key or key-combination that causes the screen to Minimize. I had a similar problem some years ago, on a different OS, probably Win-7. Sorry, I don't know what I did to fix it. But, I may have changed my keyboard. good luck, :cool:
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    where can i get windows 8 64 bit iso? preinstalled machine

    When a Thread like this seems to die, I'm always curious if the OP ever got the answer they wanted. ??? My own answer is still the same: Getintopc(dot) com. :cool:
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    Reformat question

    OK, it's been a while. So I have to ask, "Did you ever get that C: drive (partition) re-formatted? If you were local, I'd say, "bring it over here and I'll do it for you". I'm always set up for stuff like that. I do HD re-formats on my main PC all the time. Usually it's a complete HD Wipe...
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    WIN 8.1 ISO FILE

    Speaking of an ISO file..... (Windows 8.1/Pro/x86) I downloaded one, and used "Rufus", or some such, to burn it to a DVD, making it bootable. That was some time ago. So yesterday, I was given a very old Dell Latitude 1311, that originally came with Windows XP installed. It has a Sempron, 1 Core...
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    Questions about Windows 8.1 Pro

    "macht nichts"? Also written as "Mox Nix" I've not heard that expression since I left Germany in 1964. Brings back memories. Good Luck, TM :cool:
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    Need help

    What country are you in? I've not heard the name "Packard Bell" in many years. Any of those I worked on, years ago, would be too old to run Windows 8.1, and even then it would have to be X86. Can you fill in the blanks for us? Like, where are you and how old is that Laptop? :cool:
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    Disable Ability to Drag/Snap Desktop (& All Other "Hot Corners")

    When given the best answer there is, you say "I don't want to do that". Why? The new Classic Shell will give you a lot more benefits than just disabling HOT Corners. I won't install either 8.1 or 10 without it. All my customers greatly appreciate that too, since most of them are coming up...
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    Questions about Windows 8.1 Pro

    In response to your first question: Yes it's common for at least Some programs to be listed in "All Users". It's that way on my PC too. I never use 'Diskpart' , nor would I, so I can't comment on that. Nor do I ever use Linux or Ubuntu, so can't help you there either. Sorry! TM :cool:
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    Hard Drive - Read/Write Speed Cap?

    Is that a Steam Powered HD? Sounds like ancient technology to me! Maybe about time to get that OS onto a State of the Art, SSD. Save the Old HD for data storage. That's the best way I know of, to give an old/slow PC a real kick in the pants.
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    Can/Should I delete SystemSettings.exe?

    Where did you find that? I don't see it running on MY PC. TM :cool:
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    WIN 8.1 ISO FILE

    I don't know, how many people I've seen asking (on a forum) if they can re-install their OS without loosing their data. ??? Have those people NEVER heard of doing backups? Strange, because I personally have been telling them to Backup their data, for well over a decade. If you (any YOU) have...
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    Win 8.1 error

    Someone, please mark this topic as CLOSED! TM :cool:
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    Windows 8 WiFi issues

    Well Sir, you don't say what your computer is....but can I assume that it's some form of Laptop or Tablet? I have several laptops myself, and on every one there is a switch or Keyboard entry that turns WiFi on or off. Do you NOT have such a thing? Have you looked for one? TM :cool: