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  1. dinesh

    Random BSOD while connecting smartphones

    Hi guys, Facing random BSODs while transferring music from my iPhone to PC or vice versa. Also happens when I m syncing my android phone to PC or while switching on internet tethering option from phone to PC. No idea what's causing these BSODs. Since morning, I must have seen 3 BSODs...
  2. dinesh

    Solved Where's the blog?

    I remebered once we had our own Windows eight blog. I cant seem to find it anywhere. Is it still there?
  3. dinesh

    He is back!!

    Hmm 1st attachment doesn't work
  4. dinesh

    MSE inbuilt for Windows 8

    Hi there, since MS started shipping Windows Defender in Vista as a comprehensive security measure to deal with malware. I guess Windows 8 will come with MSE. What do you think?
  5. dinesh

    New name

    Lets give a name to the future MS OS. You never know it'll be named windows 8 only... IMO, it should be windows ocean. What's your thought?