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    Can't get maximum resolution in W8 RP

    Title says it all. I've tried using 7 drivers, and XP drivers. The monitor is an HPvs17 flat panel monitor. The maximum resolution is 1280x1024 at 60Hz, and when I set it to that, it says out of range. Resetting the monitor to factory defaults doesn't work, and neither does using auto correct...
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    Solved Can't Connect to WiFi- IRQL_UNEXPECTED_VALUE

    Okay, this computer ran Windows 7 Ultimate x86 fine, so I decided to clean install Windows 8 Release Preview. Installed fine, and when it booted into Windows, I installed the driver for the WiFi adapter, a Netgear WNA1100. It installs the driver fine, and I start to select my WiFi network. I...
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    Solved How Long?

    Hey guys, I searched and couldn't find so I'll make a new thread. How long does the W8RP take to install? I have the ISO file ready. Is it faster to make USB or DVD or mount and run? When I upgraded to 7 on one of my laptops, I mounted my ISO with Virtual Clone Drive, and on another with USB...