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    Orphydian's Windows 8 custom tiles & icons thread

    Very nice! I'll have to download and use these!
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    Post your Start Screen!

    Wow! That's amazingly awesome!
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    Show us your cell phone!

    Cracked my BlackBerry, and I got a Samsung Galaxy S3, 32GB, AT&T, White. Should I root or not? Decisions, decisions.
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    The Blackberry Z10 isn't that great...

    Says the Windows 8/ Windows Phone 8/ overall Microsoft fanboy. >.>
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    The Blackberry Z10 isn't that great...

    Thank you thank you, thank you! As a BB user, I feel like everyone disregards BB because it's not focused on apps/games like iOS and Android. My phone does what I need it do as a messaging and Internet browsing phone, and I'm happy with it.
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    Tough Times for Win 8 and MS

    Off topic, but it's very easy. Done it myself ;)
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    Post your Start Screen!

    As a user of W8 DP, CP, and RP, and Retail, I had an up and down journey with the start screen. Right now, I'm at a point where I enjoy the Start Screen. It has some nice features.
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    Looking for Laptop buying advice

    I'd choose either one of the Sony laptops because of the dedicated graphics.
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    Is your theme tied to your live account?

    Yes, by default, your wallpaper, Windows Store apps, etc. is tied to your Live account.
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    BSOD while randomly surfing the web

    I'll take a look at the dumps an see if I can find anything.
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    Show us your cell phone!

    I would have to say though, that if I couldn't have my Blackberry, the Samsung Galaxy S3 would be my second option. Third and final option would be Nokia Lumia. After that, I don't want a phone. :p
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    Show us your cell phone!

    Not surprising it's on of the best sellers. This phone blows away anything I've ever used before. I really wish all iOS/Android apps were made for this phone, then I'd be in Heaven.
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    Show us your cell phone!

    Blackberry Torch 9810. Loads better than Windows Phone, iOS, and Android put together IMO.
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    Media Center Pack as a separate package

    MrShowdown covered it well. If you want WMC, you have to be running Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro.
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    Media Center Pack as a separate package

    What package? It comes as a key. You add it too Windows 8. What are you trying to accomplish here?
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    upgrading to windows 8

    1) Go to your PC manufacture website, and download all drivers available. Then, move them to a flash drive, etc. 2) BACKUP YOUR FILES!! I cannot stress this enough. If you have a Live account, you can store up to 7 GB of files on SkyDrive. 3)Follow this tutorial...
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    List the Windows OSes used, and rate them best>worst

    Why no service packs, especially XP and Vista? Leaves your PC awfully unprotected doesn't it?
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    Office 2013 retail is tied to 1 machine forever

    Mac OS X isn't supported on Office 2013. Anyway, this will bring more users to Libre and Open Office.
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    Post your Start Screen!

    Slightly surprised that this isn't stickied. :think:
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    Custom Made Signatures and Avatars

    I just had a really cool idea for a sig, and I don't have the time to make it right now. My favorite song EVER is Viva La Vida by Coldplay, and I was wondering if someone could make me a sig with this image incorporated. Thanks in advance!