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    Morden Combat 5 - Metro app - screen flickering

    Hi all, I've downloaded Mordern Combat 5 on my Lumia 1520 and it plays fine. Love it. However, when I play its version of Windows 8, the screen flickers badly and make it unplayable. FYI, my laptop can play Asphalt 8 nicely, no problems at all. Please have a look at this video see what I...
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    Solved Syncing 2 folders on different drives?

    Hi, I have 2 folders on different drives, one on internal drive, the other one on an external drive. Now how can I have them synced (automatically or manually is fine) when I have my external drive plugged in? I know this is kinda basic but cuz these files are important to me so I wanna ask...
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    Solved Randomly freeze and weirdly, the mouse pointer gone

    Hi, I just installed Windows 8 PRO with a genius key today. Things went fine untill I started to install some programs and drivers. Then it just gets freeze after a short while, like 10-15 mins. And when it freezes, the mouse pointer is gone as well :| I cant type or change to anything by...