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    It Seems I Got Two Reputations, i checked on my "User CP" how come i didnt get any rep, like points it just says neutral but when you give rep there is no neutral.
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    Reputation And Badges?

    What Are They For This Forum?:D
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    Roadmap reveals possible windows 8 launch date

    Read The Rest Here:
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    Firefox 4.0 redesign mockups released

    Read The Rest Here:
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    AVG update breaks iTunes

    LOL Thanks AVG: Read The Rest Here:
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    Inside Bill Gates' real Facebook account

    Read The Rest Here:
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    Post You Desktop Screenshots.

    Im Curious To See.:cool: Here's My Brothers.
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    Critical remote IE exploit patch due Tuesday

    Read The Rest Here:
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    Leaked documents reveal possible Microsoft Store

    This is Microsoft Store's possible layout. Read The Rest Here:
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    Microsoft alters Laptop Hunter ad due to Apple's r

    New Laptop Hunter: Read More Here:
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    Microsoft releases Q4 results, profits down 29%

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    Microsoft denies any Xbox 360 Blu-ray drive.

    Read The Rest Here:
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    Can We Put A Windows 8 Progress Bar on This Forum?

    Can We Put A Windows 8 Progress Bar on This Forum?, i think this would be a good way to keep track the development of Windows 8.:D
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    Computer Specs?

    Does The Computer Specs button work to put it in, because for me it doesnt
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    What Are you Thoughts On Apple's OS?

    In my opion macs are decent computers, but i some how like pcs better runnign windows , anybody else have this feeling, if so write down a comment.:D
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    Reputation and Badges?

    Can we give repuation points, and are the badges the same as in sevenforms?
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    Windows 8 Concept Video!

    Most people have seen this but here you go... . Note: This is not mine.