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  1. hostelo

    Solved Banned TenForums

    Hi, Im posting this here because I imagine the owners of this page are the same owners as the tenforums??? I don't understand why but I have been banned from the forums and get this message when I try to log in: You have been banned for the following reason: Reported our email as spam...
  2. hostelo

    VMWare Player Help

    Hi. Trying to install MAC on my Win 8.1 PC But I want to install it on another HD Drive I have in my PC which I created a new partition for. VMware only detects my primary hd and when I try to add the partition I made when I click ok it gives me an error. Can anybody help out with this? Thanks
  3. hostelo

    This PC Side Menu Crazyness

    Hi All. I cant find a word to say exactly what this is or what is this called. The sidebar menu on the left when I have an open folder all of a sudden now starts opening/expanding everything up when im moving from folder to folder. Its driving me nuts!!! How do I de-activate this??? Note: I...
  4. hostelo

    Update Error

    Hi. There is no way of installing this update on my computer: Windows 8.1 Update for x64-based Systems (KB2919355) Download size: 693.3 MB You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect. Update type: Important Windows 8.1 Update is a cumulative set of security updates...
  5. hostelo

    Asus Monitor VK278

    Hi. Recently bought this monitor ASUS - Display- VK278Q Connected it with the HDMI from my ATI Radeon HD 5770 Im using Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit I assumed windows would adjust or install whatever drivers needed to get full output from the monitor. Nope. Resolution is allegedly at full but the...
  6. hostelo

    Media Center Key Error!!! Please Help

    Hi. So i read about the free key for windows media center. For a few weeks I have been trying this link: Add features - Microsoft Windows the one everyone has used. Always got this message: We couldn't process your order. If you think you have received this message in error, contact...
  7. hostelo

    Some USB Drives not compatible??

    Hi. it seems everytime i connect an HP 16GB USB Drive I have it does not work properly. It freezes, doesn't show up. but when i try another drive it works perfectly also when I insert the HP drive on another computer with WIN7 it works fine. anyone heard of some drives not being compatible...