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  1. Austin

    Solved Happy Birthday to Myself

    YAY! Its my birthday today! Those that left me visitor messages. Thank you so much! :)
  2. Austin

    Brand Obsessions and Item Stashing

    Ok, so I've updated my spec tab in my profile, then I took a look around my room / office and found that I didn't have a small collection of devices. Ranging from a large collection of items from HP, to Acer, to Logitech. Actually made me start to think, do we inherently obsess about certain...
  3. Austin

    AMD VS Intel [Read Before Bash and Dismissal]

    Ok, I've done a little more reading on the new AMD chips that were released, such as the APU and Bulldozer chips against the i5 and i7. First a little of why I'm sporting AMD, let's remember that I'm not looking at cost of anything at the moment. Thing is, when I'm working at my computer, I...
  4. Austin

    Beep and nothing [motherboard and cpu]

    Ok so I'm building my mom's business computer and everything works, I found the PSU cord wasn't 100% plugged in fixed that I booted once bios she beeped and now I got nothing. I reset cmos and power but still nothing. I got a lemon didn't I? I'll try a new battery too but this really sucks and...
  5. Austin

    Solved How in the bloody heck do I get rid of auto sign in

    Ok, this has bothered me long enough! So I thought that I'd line my live account with my windows account. Bad move! Now I'm stuck with windows live services ALWAYS bloody signing me into my old account no matter how many times I hit that gal dang delete button. So, now that I got that out of...
  6. Austin

    Those Looking For HP Printer Help

    While I don't have screenshots of my work getting my HP 3050 working, I will get some screenshots when I can fully dismantle my drivers. Here we go: First the printer must be natively compatible with Windows 7. I've noticed that printers that are native to XP don't seem to work as well, but...
  7. Austin

    New Build Blueprint

    Here is my blueprint for my new computer. Ideas are welcome, however some items won't change, as this is a strict AMD build. But here we go! Also, every is from, I don't shop anywhere else. OS Windows 8 / Windows 7 CPU AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb...
  8. Austin

    SSD Worth it or not?

    Alright here's a good question, poll above, discuss below. Are SSD drives worth it? I am thinking about them in my next build but I'm not going to invest if they aren't mastered enough for long term use.
  9. Austin

    Noooo Say It Ain't So

    Well this is just peachy.... My 1TB drive just took a not very nice. or maybe the enclosure is shot. either way I'm not happy, and before I destroy the drive [RMA] you guys have any suggestions?
  10. Austin

    Muiltples of Everything

    Ok, Am I the only one who has heard, "one is not good enough". And wow am I a thread-a-holic today. Anyways, So is this excessive: 5 Computers [2 netbooks, 1 Laptop, 1 Desktop, 1 Storage Center] 5 Monitors 1 TV 1 Modem, 1 router, 1 Switch, 1 HD Media Streaming Device 1 Scanner, 2 All-In-One...
  11. Austin

    Hard Drive "Clicking" / Other Questions & Comments

    No need to sound the alarms but I noticed that my Western Digital external disk (Custom Enclosure) clicks when the read/write head leaves the platters. Any ideas? It's quiet as mouse while reading and writing, but makes the very faint clicking when its idle. Also, as said by the thread title...
  12. Austin

    Energy Drinks

    I know this won't be a long lived thread But what's people's take on energy drinks? I happen to be liking Rockstar now. Wow that stuff gives ya a buzz.
  13. Austin

    Digging Through Hard drives

    Get your standard issued shovel over there on the racks. *points to racks* I have a 1TB hard drive sitting next to my computer and while it's always plugged in I hardly go on it. Well today digging through it I found some pictures, some music, and above all some documents I've forgotten about...
  14. Austin

    Wireless, Wireless, Wireless

    I've been thinking, wireless is all over the place. But is it all its talked up to be? Is wireless the new "fad"? I am the current owner of: Wireless HP 3050 Printer Cisco Wireless Router (2.4GHz Only) Netgear Wifi Extender Wireless HP keyboard and mouse Xbox 360 (wireless controllers)...
  15. Austin

    My Stand On Windows 8 DP Day 2

    Yep, really this is day 2. Before it gets brought up no I am not going to doing one of those day to day updates throughout windows 8. :zip: But I am actually starting a blog for that. Less annoying. You guys can put your helmets away now. :p But basically in two days with the DP in my hands the...
  16. Austin

    Solved Bad Software Installs

    Hello all, I just installed the Windows 8 Dev version 8102 and I seem to be getting a lot of software that says the computer is busy with another install (Skype) or completely errors out (iTunes 10.5). These problems started with I tried installing Windows Live Essentials. Does anyone know of...