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  1. hTconeM9user

    Solved edit System Spec page blank

    Yes thank you working ok now sorry to have bothered you
  2. hTconeM9user

    Solved edit System Spec page blank

    Can some one try and work out why I can Edit my profile etc but when I go to edit System Spec the page remains blank. As I have put everything else I can edit bar that one Thank you in advance if you can help
  3. hTconeM9user

    what is your favorite video/audio player

    Mine is Cyberlink PowerDVD16 Player Also Windows Media Player
  4. hTconeM9user

    Latest CCleaner Version Released

    Thank you now version v5.16.5551 downloaded and updated
  5. hTconeM9user

    Failed system restore log?

    Please explain more in detail What you cant find What you want to do or trying to do As don't understand what you have posted Also what Make/Model of laptop/Desktop
  6. hTconeM9user

    Usb port stopped working. How to fix ?

    Yes right click the icon for safely remove hardware then remove your phone or whatever otherwise it will do as the other poster has put. If that happens it will be either a systems restore or a reset to get it all back working again
  7. hTconeM9user

    System & Maintenance missing from Control Panel

    Hi in control Panel you have Security and Maintenance Systems its on its own. Have you run trouble shooter from control panel as that may help you
  8. hTconeM9user

    Is Windows 10 Good To Upgrade To?

    I upgraded from windows 8.1 which I was having a lot of trouble with. Like crashes and freezes and IE11 kept stopping. Since upgrade to windows 10 Home x 64 and installed all updates. I have had NO crashes No Freezes Dumped IE11 and use Edge Browser. Dumped Google and now use Bing So yes I am...
  9. hTconeM9user

    '' error when installing printer software

    Ok why I said Toshiba forum I too have a Satellite Notebook and that is where I get advice from if I need it/
  10. hTconeM9user

    Any new big update on pipeline for Win8.1?

    Windows 10 has now been upgraded and the version is now 1511 TH2 build 10586.17 which has improved it a lot. Edge browser is getting better. I too liked 8.1 but IE11 kept crashing and making my laptop keep freezing up. Since going to 10 I have been able to disable IE11 and I have had no crashes...
  11. hTconeM9user

    '' error when installing printer software

    Have you got a disc for the printer. If so run that to see if that will put in the missing file. If you have not then see if you can get it from the Kodak site for your model of printer. If none of that works run the trouble shooter for your Toshiba to see if any files or updates are missing...
  12. hTconeM9user

    Windows 8.1 won't boot after 1 week shutdown.

    If you can get into windows 8.1 run sfc /scannow or the trouble shooter See if that will help you
  13. hTconeM9user

    HP Office Jet V40 Printing partial pages, OS Win8 64Bit

    Anything that is connected with the printer So when you reinstall it plug the cable into the usb drive with the printer switched on. Then once it has been found just follow what ever comes up if it comes up do you have a disc click no Then do you want windows to try and find the latest drivers...
  14. hTconeM9user

    HP Office Jet V40 Printing partial pages, OS Win8 64Bit

    Hi when you put it onto this laptop you have now is it wifi or cable? Did you have a disc that came with it ? Have installed the latest drivers for that model to work with windows 8? What you can try is shut printer down, go to control panel, Program and features, find your printer and uninstall...
  15. hTconeM9user

    Bluetooth Headphones paired-not connected: no playback

    Hi sorry for asking but is the symbol for Bluetooth showing in the task bar. Also have you tried anywhere else to get the drivers for your w700 bluetooth
  16. hTconeM9user

    Format Factory changed my icons and I can't fix it

    Hi are you sure that Format Factory has completely gone from your system, when you uninstalled it did you do a restart, and have you tried CCleaner to get rid of any dead links also it has an uninstaller in there that way find it. Also have you tried Revo Uninstaller Pro that is good one comes...
  17. hTconeM9user

    Wired internet connection not working on PC startup

    Have you tried uninstalling it in program and features then with your Ethernet cable plugged in restart and see if windows finds it and reinstalls the drivers for it. Also have you gone into Device Manager and see if there are any yellow marks against it. Or run Trouble Shooter.
  18. hTconeM9user

    After Toshiba BIOS upgrade 5.10 Win 8.1 refuses to start

    See if a version of the BIOS model no C50-B-14Z will do as that is what mine is and it updated OK
  19. hTconeM9user

    Windows 10 vs. Windows 8.1 vs. Windows 7 Performance

    To me Windows 10 is better than 7, 8, 8.1. Also with Edge Browser Loads and runs faster. Why because with IE11 on 7,8,8.1 you had to out think it to stop it from Freezing, logging you out or shutting the web page you were on because it encountered a problem my worse one was face book, and some...
  20. hTconeM9user

    The new Office 2016 is here

    Thanks also tried Libre Office did not like it could not get it to do what I wanted so now will stick with office 365 and 2016