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  1. sean6027

    [YouTube] All Time 10s

    *Disclaimer * This is not my channel and I'm not begging for subscriptions ! I'm subscribed to a YouTube channel that has (almost) daily updates with some of the coolest stuff on the web (IMO) ! Its a "top 10" list made into a cool vids ! They have 100s of "top 10's" and I love them. Thought...
  2. sean6027

    What was the last film you watched ?

    Not sure if this exists already , if it does bad mods ....sorry , just "dont taze me bro." Last film I watched was : How to make money selling drugs How to Make Money Selling Drugs (2012) - IMDb
  3. sean6027

    [advice] I'm an idiot , need help.

    I have a new laptop and rather foolishly ( or not , you decide) I partitioned the hard drive. Simple job , C:\ for the OS and D:\ for media. Now I cant use refresh or whatnot as I am told by "Acer" system settings my system configuration is not default and basically get lost lol. * high five...
  4. sean6027

    PRISM /Tempora & securing my information online ?

    Didn't know where to post this one ... Here or Security ? I'm sure most people have heard about the PRISM (American) and Tempora (British) electronic surveillance programs currently being used to spy on us all. So just how secure is my connection ? I have used a VPN in the past and could...
  5. sean6027

    Public Enemy just released free BitTorrent bundle

    Fan of Public Enemy ? You may like this then : Via TorrentFreak
  6. sean6027

    Mouse + Keyboard v Controller ?

    So what's the verdict ....Mouse + keyboard or Microsoft xbox controller ? The reason I'm asking is , Assassins Creed 2 ...I had some serious issues doing advanced wall jumps to the side on the last few side missions to get Altaïrs armour. ( Did the missions last thing , Yeah I'm a f**ktard ...
  7. sean6027

    Customization tools : A very rough guide

    I thought I'd make a thread that contains some useful info and some cool tools to use to make Win 8 all pretty and customised to your needs and geeky desires. I will start with some basics and then list some tools you can use. Please feel free to add what you use and I will update the post...
  8. sean6027

    Solved Internet speed issues

    Hi , My internet speed has suddenly deteriorated from what it was. I had a steady 6-7 Mb/s down and 1 Mb/s up , but now I have a constant speed like this : I use a DGN 1000 , its around 2 years old .I have talked to my ISP (Talk Talk UK) and they tell me they do not support my router and...
  9. sean6027

    Stealthy Game Recommendations Wanted Please.

    Anyone reccomend any good games similar to either the "Assassins Creed" or "Splinter Cell" franchises please ? I like the whole stealth and 3rd person aspect. Can be new or old games , wont matter just as long as they are fun to play and obviously play nice on Win 8 x64. Thanks. Specs ...
  10. sean6027

    Solved Game Tweaks and Game Optimising Software

    I've got myself a new laptop and am after some advice please. Its an Acer Aspire E1 : OPERATING SYSTEM Name: Microsoft Windows 8 Architecture: 64-bit DirectX version: 11 MEMORY Total memory: 4 GB PROCESSOR - Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz - Manufacturer: GenuineIntel...
  11. sean6027

    Solved Charms Bar (Time/Date Panel ) RegEdit wanted please.

    Anyone know if you can do a RegEdit to remove the "Time/Date" panel when you activate the "Charms Bar" please ? I just hate the way it works. Can't see the point in it , I have the time and date on the superbar already and never use the start screen as such but I like the Metro search function...