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  1. TairikuOkami

    Solved Why does brightness increase over the time?

    I like to set brightness to 50% at all times, but over the time it resets to the full strength (probably because of games), so I have to cut it by half again to 25% and then again to 14%, until it can not be lowered anymore, last time I ended somewhere around 3%. I tried to set it to full...
  2. TairikuOkami

    Solved How to delete Windows tasks via CMD/BAT?

    I delete some Windows tasks, but sometimes they reappear, due to Windows Updates. I would like to add commands to my batch file to remove them, but it does not work. I have tried those commands, but it probably works only for regular tasks? schtasks /Delete /TN "Task" /F schtasks /Delete /TN...
  3. TairikuOkami

    Solved How to disable FamilySafetyAOT logging?

    I am trying to disable FamilySafetyAOT in perfmon, but I fail. :huh: It can be stopped, but it can not be Disabled, no matter, what I do. It will not let me and I can not take ownership, nor change permissions. I have disabled pretty much all non-necessary logging, but this is bugging me.
  4. TairikuOkami

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  5. TairikuOkami

    Solved How to disable ReadyBoot?

    I have this error: Session "ReadyBoot" stopped due to the following error: 0xC0000188 Startup Event Trace Session I have tried to Disable And Delete it from startup, but it just keeps reappearing, any ideas? I have tried to restrict access to ReadyBoot.etl, which resulted in reinstall, since I...
  6. TairikuOkami

    Solved How to enable taskbar toolbar at startup automatically?

    I have started to use NetSpeedMonitor to monitor network speed and bandwidth usage and when it is set to start at boot, it asks to enable its toolbar on a taskbar. Obviously I would prefer, if I would not have to confirm it at every startup. I currently have it set like this and I wonder, if...