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    Windows 8.1 updates offered today

    I have the following optional updates today. I have not yet downloaded & installed them. Has anyone had any problems with these?
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    Windows update keeps failing to install

    I keep getting offered the above Intel update by Windows Update. I have downloaded it several times and tried to install it, but it always fails. Anyone else have the same issue? Is there a fix?
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    MS Visual Studio - Is it needed

    Looking at the installed programs on my Win 8.1 64-bit laptop I have several "Visual Studio" and "Visual C++" entries when I look at installed programs. I am highly unlikely to ever need, or use these programs. Could I safely uninstall them? See below screenshot for the list of files I refer to.
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    Solved INTEL Driver update tool - Risks

    Are there any risks I should be aware of before I run, and install, drivers that need updating as per the results of running the INTEL driver update tool. I have created a restore point?
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    Solved Chrome Browser Issue

    I am using the latest Chrome browser ( Version 41.0.2272.89 m (64-bit) Whenever I try to open a link that is embedded in a received email, I get a pop-up as below: Any idea what causes this, and how to fix it? Windows does not offer any advice re: a solution
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    Solved Google Chrome crashing when trying to open link in e-mail

    Whenever I attempt to open a link that is included in a received e-mail, I get this message: I am using the latest Chrome version on my Win 8.1 64-bit ASUSX54C Laptop This started happening a couple of weeks ago. Any ideas what may be causing it? I have tried uninstalling & reinstalling...
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    "Garbled" text when opening PDF documents

    I receive investment statements regularly from my Financial Advisor. They are sent to me in PDF format, and for years I have had no problem reading the documents using Foxit PDF reader For a month or so now I have been unable to read the PDFs sent to me, as the text is "garbled" ... here is an...
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    Solved Intel (R) Driver Update Utility

    I downloaded and ran the Intel (R) Driver Update Utility on my ASUS X54C Laptop which is running Win 8.1 I found it at: Intel® Driver Update Utility I ran the utility and the utility found two updates which I downloaded as per the screenshot below. My questions are (1) .. should I...
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    Solved Where on PC is a user-created "restore point" stored? Using the above tutorial I have created a restore point on my Win 8.1 64-bit Laptop. Where is the created restore point stored on my PC? I guess I would need to know this if I needed to perform a system restore?
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    Solved PDF creator for Win 8.1 64-bit

    I have used Foxit for a long time now to open PDF files, and also to create PDF docs from other file formats. Today I have had problems with Foxit, in that I cannot create, nor open PDF files, nor can I print my existing documents created in Foxit. I have updated Foxit, but still have the same...
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    Solved Windows Defender updates

    I use Windows Defender as my primary protection on my Win 8.1 ASUS X54C Laptop. Every day there are updates available for Win Defender, and I always install them. There are many KB 2267602 updates for Windows Defender, and I do understand that each update is a different definition version of...
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    Solved Optional Update KB2995388 ... is it really necessary?

    How do I determine if these "optional updates" are really necessary for my Laptop? Here in South Africa ADSL is slow, and expensive :( I have a 4Mbps connection, and I have a data cap of only 10 GB per calendar month. The never-ending MS updates depletes my data allowance, and I have always...
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    Solved MalwareBytes: Same result every time I run the scan

    Every time I run a Malwarebytes scan I get the same result, as per the attached screenshot. Can anyone advise me (1) if there is a problem, and (2) how to get rid of the offending result permanently? (I have blanked the XXXXXX part of the result - it is just my PC user name)
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    Wake-up from "sleep" for incoming Skype call

    I have searched for a solution that will enable my Win8.1 ASUS X54C laptop to wake-up from 'sleep' when an incoming Skype call occurs. I am in the habit of putting my laptop in "sleep mode" when I know I will not use it for more than 30 minutes or so. Being retired, I am on and off my laptop...
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    My latest "Important" Windows Updates notification

    This a.m. I see there are a bunch of "Important" Win8.1 updates recommended (my Win update settings are to notify me, but to allow me to choose whether or not to download & install them. Have there been any known issues / problems with these updates?
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    Malwarebytes scan & result ... what action to take?

    I have just run a Malwarebytes (free version) scan, and get one potential problem as per the image below. It refers to a tool I downloaded & used to display the Windows key for my Win 8.1 installation Is this tool a potential security threat?
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    Solved LogMeIn vs Teamviewer

    Hope to get expert opinion here ... I am in South Africa, and have an ASUS Win 8.1 64-bit laptop. My 93-year-old Father is in the UK and has a HP laptop running Win 8.1 64-bit He uses his laptop mainly for e-mail, and creating MS Word documents, and web browsing, and Skype I'm on Skype with...
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    Solved Apply latest Win 8.1 update to a Laptop plus a Desktop

    I have a Laptop, plus a Desktop, both running Win 8.1 - 64-bit I posted my question here But was told I should rather post it in this section for more responses, so here goes ... I have...
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    BIOS version .. to update or not

    I have an ASUS X54C Laptop. When I bought the laptop the BIOS version was 204. I see that BIOS version 210 for my model laptop is now available from the ASUS website. I have never updated BIOS before and am nervous about this :eek: EDIT: From system specs, this is what the full...
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    Win 8.1 - Update 2 (One download to update 2 x machines?

    It's rumoured that Win 8.1 - Update 2, should be available sometime in August ... A question ... At home we have a Win 8.1 laptop (ASUS X54C), plus a Win 8.1 Desktop PC Both machines currently run 8.1 64-bit Pro, with their own Microsoft key (... they are both legitimate / legal & registered...