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    Wacom Intuos 5

    I've abandoned the Wacom forums as they simply have nothing to offer to the many 100's of people suffering this problem The latest (win 8) driver will not load for the wacom Intuos 5 tablet. I've cleaned every possible trace of prior installations / old drivers etc, yet having received the...
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    Solved Blank tiles

    I've suddenly lost the graphic on most of my tiles. I now have coloured squares with no indication of what they are. Can't figure out what I've done.......
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    Solved Cant re install PSE8

    Why did I upgrade? 2 days of misery so far. I had to buy a new printer cos the old one wouldn't work (nothing wrong with it, just hates Win 8. main problem is I can't get Photoshop Elements to re install. Most other programs I had under win 7 installed ok (though god knows where they are or how...