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    complete close store apps

    While still in an app and I want to close it, I slide my mouse courser to the top of the screen. A slim black drop-down appears, and in its right corner is an 'X'. Clicking on the 'X' closes the app.
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    I Love Windows 8/8.1

    I have my desktop setup as dual-boot win8.1/win10, both are 64bit. Win8.1Pro 64bit is my primary OS. Win10, I'll boot into it from time to time to allow it to update. Both OS's, I installed Classic Shell.
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    Emoji... shortcut for Win8.1?

    There a way I can create a shortcut to access win8.1 emoji's directly? I can access it fair enough by opening the 'Touch Keyboard' from my taskbar then clicking on it's emoji key. Just hoping there is a way to access it even more directly. JimB 😁 win8.1Pro64bit w/MediaCenter-retail
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    No Nav Pane in Desktop but have Nav Pane in Win Explorer?

    Is it possible to have no Nav Pane when opening a Desktop folder, but have Nav Pane when opening Win Explorer? Like it was in WinXp/Win98/Win95? When I disable Nav Pane, it disappears for Desktop folders and Windows Explorer. I think the answer was 'no' for Win7. I installed Classic Start Menu...
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    Solved You receive updates for : Windows only?

    You folks are superb!!! Many-many thank you's to you all. I followed your instructions and now my Win8 is updating in the way I had hoped. jimb :D
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    Solved You receive updates for : Windows only?

    When I check for updates it shows: "You receive updates for : Windows only" I've checked "Change settings" and there is no option to change it to "everything" I'd like win8 update to function as it did in WinXp where it would check for all updates, ie Silverlite, hardware drivers, etc. Is there...
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    SIIG SC-PE-4B12 v1 ATA133 pci card, I found a driver

    SIIG SC-PE-4B12 v1 ATA133 pci card, I found a driver: I've had this old card for many years and it has worked great till I went from WinXp Pro 32 bit to Win8 Pro 64 bit. SIIG doesn't have a driver available at their sight for my old version card. Anyways I opened and browsed the .inf for the...