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    June 2019 Windows Updates Changed Edge and IE11 Start Behavior

    I have installed the June 2019 Windows Updates on both a Win 7 Home and Win 8.1 Home system. Now when I launch either MS Edge or IE11, the IE11 welcome screen appears in a new tab. Even if I deselect all of the options and Save, the tab reappears on subsequent launches. I have not seen this...
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    Multiple Windows Store Problems

    I would appreciate some help with a number of Windows Store problems. The original problem occurred two weeks ago when I could no longer load the Microsoft Solitaire Collection Windows Store app running on my Win 8.1 Dell tablet. When it did not load it asked to be activated. The initial...
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    How do I interpret the Battery Energy Report?

    I generated a battery energy report for my Dell Venue tablet and I would like some help interpreting the errors and warnings. What is the \Filesystem\srvnet listed in the first error? What does the wmiprvse.exe process do? Is this an unusual amount of processing time? Power Efficiency...
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    Incorrect DNS Entry for website in Metro IE 11

    I have a problem unique to one system running Win 8.1 on my home network, Whenever this system (MS Surface tablet running Win 8.1 RT) attempts to resolve in the Metro IE 11 browser, it changes the URL to and subsequently displays a blank page. All other systems...
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    MSN Weather App Update Message

    For the past few weeks I have been receiving an update available message whenever I open the MSN Weather metro app. I am running Win 8.1 on a Dell tablet. When I go to the Windows store using the link in the update message, it claims there is no update available. I have run the SFC and DISM...
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    Solved BSOD After Opening Windows 8 Camera App

    Whenever I open the Camera app on my Dell Venue Pro tablet, a ATTEMPT_TO_EXECUTE_NOEXECUTE_MEMORY error occurs and a dump file is created. After the dump is finished, the tablet reboots. No other display problems have been noted. The Camera app was working during the Xmas holidays last month...