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    Windows 8.1 Suspend Issues

    I'm seeing a couple of replies that are showing my post wasn't properly read. Please read through it and note the link if you're curious about the SSD issue, and/or think they are linked. Thank you!
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    Windows 8.1 Suspend Issues

    Sleep, 'though I tested hibernation to the same result. Also tested without any USBs and still the same. :| Sleep and suspend seem very similar to me so I've gotten used to referring to sleep as suspend, sorry.
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    Windows 8.1 Suspend Issues

    Windows keeps firing back up again shortly after suspending, or a few hours later. I realise it's a common issue, so I'll just rattle off what I've tried. I have scoured the 'net but not found any solution. 1. Checked Event Viewer, but it shows source unknown, or something to that effect. 2...
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    New SSD 120GB

    By installing programs on a HDD you're slowing down the programs and somewhat making having an SSD redundant*. Using and installing a few programs isn't going to make your SSD implode. Personally, I install only games on a mechanical drive, and leave programs and the pagefile on the SSD. My SSD...
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    Windows 8.1 freezes just before log in screen

    Sorry, I'll try that again. Linux is an operating system, but unlike Windows, you're allowed to try before you by; this is done by making an installation CD, known as "Live CD", then booting the computer up into the CD. Once that's done, you're able to use Linux to see how things work and if...
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    Solved Windows 8.1 not booting

    Can you not give us some more information?
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    Windows 8.1 freezes just before log in screen

    A Linux CD (Live CD) will likely allow you access to your Windows drive, without being in Windows. Provided you know what you're doing with Linux—should be relatively simple as you won't have to install anything, simply load the CD and access the HDD, deleting only the files you don't need. You...
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    Windows 8.1 + SanDisk 120GB SSD = Intermittent Boot Fail

    Thanks for looking. This problem has been driving me crazy, presumably since I got the SSD, 'though since I mostly suspend the computer, I wouldn't have noticed initially, which is why it took me so long to narrow it down. The issue is as the title describes, but here are more details: The...
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    Post your Desktop

    Dual monitor setup, hence the weird size. xD
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    Taskbar Icons Won't Change (Suspect a Windows Update)

    I've not experienced this, nor heard of anyone else who has. :think: Do you mean the icons for the loaded windows lined up on the Taskbar, or the icons of the programs showing within the System Tray?
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    New computer and now win 8.1, a bit buggy...

    I typically get these from the CD that comes with a motherboard, then perhaps update from the site once I get its proper name. Alternatively, go to the manufacturer's official website and download the latest drivers there. If you're unsure and want to Google for the name yourself, go into the...
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    Continuous Beeping and Laggy Mouse

    I think that's very possibly linked to your issue with the display driver. Contrary to popular belief, the latest driver doesn't always mean the best driver to use. Try an older one, perhaps? Not too old, just a version or two before; whichever works, really. Remember to completely remove the...
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    Solved Thoughts on this model PC

    DDR4? Since when was that a thing for motherboards? :huh: It won't show me the price so I can't comment on that, but otherwise, yeah, it seems alright. Pretty good specifications, but I would just build one if at all possible, or get someone (or a company) to build it to spec'. If you're a...
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    Will Windows 10 free upgrade be available as ISO download

    Sweet. I think my 8.1 is the standard version. Didn't see the point in spending a heap on the "Pro" iteration. At least it'll be free, but it won't be free forever, which kinda bugs me, because currently I have a nice setup with which everything actaully works, however, if I go and install a...
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    Why would I want to switch to Windows 10?

    :eek: That's incredibly creepy! Audacious sods. I think I'll just outright pass. With any luck, that will be an optional thing, like with 8.1 and I think the previous operating systems. That might help with...
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    Welcome to Eight Forums [2]

    Ta. I like it here; it's cosey and makes me feel a bit nerdy again. I'm actually quite eager to help people out. I used to use another forum on which many would post needing help, so I was essentially a troubleshooter, like a lot of people here seem to be. xD
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    Will Windows 10 free upgrade be available as ISO download

    I really hope it's the ISO, but I can absolutely see why it wouldn't be. :| Here's hoping.
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    UNBELIEVABLE! 35 Important Updates Just Showed Up

    I haven't had any issues with Windows Updates for quite some time.
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    Diagnostic software to determine if I can benefit from mor

    Before I start, it's best not to say "RAM memory," as "memory" is made redundant by the "M" in the ancronym. (Random Accessed Memory) When I was a kid, I wasn't exactly rolling around in cash, so I had dated parts, but it taught me to greatly appreciate what I had, and more importantly, to make...
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    Best way for recovery USB

    Windows 8.1 has its own called System Image Backup and it will allegedly do as you wish.